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Fertilizer Color Additives

Fertilizer Color Additives are widely used in various industries. In order to ensure continuous adherence to color standards, these application systems can be built to contain colorimeters that can detect minute variations in the shade and intensity of the colored fertilizer. They are very much appreciated in the market.

Disperse Dyes

Disperse Dyes are very much liked and appreciated by our eminent customers, in the market. These dyes are tested under different parameters to ensure its high quality and excellent performance. These dyes require very low maintenance and operating costs.

Metal Complex Dyes

Metal Complex Dyes are a family of dyes that contain metals coordinated to the organic portion. They show great affinity towards protein fibers. These dyes are very cost-effective and are widely used and appreciated in the market, by our valued clients.

Oil Soluble Color

Oil Soluble Color is soluble in organic solvents and is widely employed as a solution in those solvents is known as a solvent dye. Items like waxes, lubricants, polymers, and other nonpolar hydrocarbon-based compounds are colored using this group of dyes. It is an oil-soluble shade of green.

Smoke Dyes

Smoke Dyes are homogeneous mixtures of azo and anthraquinone dyes. They are available in a variety of hues and colours. They are specially selected powder dyes manufactured to a very high specification. These dyes are great and safe to handle.


Coolant Additives

Due to the corrosive nature of water, applying these Coolant Additives to your coolant creates a coating film that shields metals against cavitation erosion, corrosion, scaling, and dropout. These coolant additives are checked under various parameters to ensure their high working and excellent durability.

Inkjet Dyes

We specialise in supplying our customers a flawless selection of inkjet dyes for the textile industry. Additionally, a lower salt concentration produces a product with exquisite purity and high surface tension. These dyes are known for their high features like maximum caliber, color stability, high purity, and safe to use.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes have better wash and light fastness properties. These dyes form strong co-valent bond with the cellulosic fiber. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs. These dyes are very cost-effective and safe to use. They require very low maintenance costs.

Cosmetic And Food Dyes

Cosmetic And Food Dyes help you produce your product by providing wide colour selection, offering the right colour for your products. They are tested under different parameters to ensure its effectiveness and high quality. These dyes are very effective as well as economical to use.


Indicator Dyes

Indicator Dyes are obtained from plants are known as natural indicators. These dyes are tested under different parameters to ensure their effectiveness and high quality. They are easy to use and safe to handle. These dyes are safe and widely appreciated.


Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium sulphate is mostly used as a fertiliser for alkaline soils. The ammonium ion is released in the soil and converts to a little quantity of acid, which lowers the pH equilibrium of the soil and provides necessary nitrogen for plant development.


Milk Testing Dyes

Milk Testing Dyes are mostly used to measure the protein composition of dietary products, particularly milk proteins that may be substituted by consumers. You can detect externally injected protein or urea in milk by using this dye. They are applied to biological stains as well.